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How’s Your Fire Safety?
Posted by David Cant on August 23, 2012

All employers and businesses have to comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.  This order came into power back in 2006 and was designed to simplify the process as it replaced more than seventy pieces of fire safety legislation.  It is your duty to assign a responsible person to perform a fire risk assessment.  The assessment is to help reduce the risks of fire, to create safety measures from the findings and safe working methods.  Business owners or one of their senior employers are the usual person deemed responsible to perform the assessment and to review it frequently.

The Five Steps

When you perform a fire risk assessment it’s vital you include these five steps:

1) Identify what the fire hazards are by asking questions such as what equipment could cause or start a fire and what materials are likely to burn if there was a fire.

2) Look at all of the employees and the public that could be exposed to the risk of the fire.  Always include any visitors that come to your premises as well as contractors, sub-contractors, children and the elderly if they’re applicable.

3) Evaluate your findings in the first two steps and now work out how you can reduce the risks and put in place methods and systems to protect the people in danger.

4) Make a record of the assessment followed by a plan that is detailed in how you are working to reduce fires and how you’ll keep people safe.  You will also need to provide training for your employees so that everyone is aware of the procedures and what their roles are in preventing a fire and if a fire should start.

5) Reviewing is the final step as you’ll have to make sure the report is kept updated.  You will need to review the report and risk assessment if you start using new equipment, have new methods of work, move premises, take on new staff and change the routines.

What Else Must You Do?

All of the fire safety equipment in your premises have to be kept is good working order.  If you have contracted a firm to look after the fire equipment they have the responsibility and may be prosecuted if they are found not to have maintained your equipment.  If you haven’t contracted a firm to take care of the safety equipment it is all your responsibility.  You will therefore need to check over the equipment and ensure it will work properly in case of a fire.

The local fire authority is allowed to come and inspect your premises in order to find out if you have conducted an adequate risk assessment.  They will also be able to investigate if you have acted on the results of the assessment.

One of the services provided by the health and safety consultants is a fire risk assessment.  The consultants qualify as the competent person and have had full training and experience that can be applied to your premises. For more information about the health and safety services call 0800 1488 677.


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