Construction Health and Safety Consultancy and CDM Adviser Services

Our simple compliance solution

Our simple compliance solution is more than just a process it’s a reassuring combination of 3 key elements, of which each are designed to do three effective things.

Element 1

Ensure compliance with UK health and safety regulations.

  • Health and safety compliance must be the 1st priority. This is how Veritas Consulting protects your business and the welfare of your employees, which in turn helps you avoid costly fines, and keeps the staff in a safe and happy workplace Environment.

Element 2

Be bespoke for your business & the kind of work you do.

  • Unlike other Consultancies – we don’t provide useless information or irrelevant health and safety documents to fluff up the management system. This not only saves time and money but also wasted hours of ineffective health and safety. This means that your health and safety documentation only contains information specific to your company and the kind of work you undertake.

Element 3

Provide a full service at a fair & reasonable cost.

  • We currently provide health and safety services to many clients, including Training, & documentation. And with our offices based in Birmingham, West Midlands we are ideally placed to service your business regardless of location , it also means a dependable customer service for you as our client.

Measurable results for your business…

Ok, I’m interested what’s my next step

Request more information about the services we offer and how it can reduce risks and liabilities for your company by contacting us or call 0800 1488 677 now. We’d be delighted to help.

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