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Every organisation must carry out Workplace Risk Assessments: there is no choice; it is a clear legal requirement. Risk assessment is a proactive activity that helps organisations avoid harming people and incurring losses in the Workplace, whether financial or otherwise.

The fundamental cornerstone of an organisation’s workplace health and safety arrangements is the identification of potentially hazardous areas and activities together with the health and safety risks to people involved in each of those areas and activities, having regard to health and safety law (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Regulation 3).

What is a Risk Assessment?

Workplace Risk Assessment is the process whereby hazards are identified on site. The likelihood of the hazard resulting in harm is then assessed for each of the hazards. The amont of risk can then be used to prioritise controls which will reduce the risk of injury.

Once the hazards have been identified, the first consideration is to determine whether it is possible to remove the hazard completely. Where it is not possible to remove the hazard cost or then it must be controlled.

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