Construction Health and Safety Consultancy and CDM Adviser Services

CDM Advisers and Expert CDM Services

CDM Advisers with a proven track record leading construction professionals through the design risk management pitfalls.

The Construction, Design and Management regulations are something which must be looked at by anyone controlling construction site work – regardless of size.

What are CDM Regulations?

The CDM Regulations are a set of rules which are there for health and safety purposes. The regulatory process involves checking that working conditions are safe and healthy for all employees. They also ensure that the continuing work and final project result will not put others at risk.

However, these regulations can often be complex and require a large degree of knowledge in the field to make sure that your project comfortably stays within regulatory rules. That’s where our CDM Advisers can help.

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Expert CDM Advisers

We can assign one of our experienced CDM Advisers to your project to provide complete support on health and safety risk management issues in the construction industry. We belong to The Association for Project Safety – the official regulatory body – so we fully understand the latest regulations and can apply them with highly experienced CDM Advisers.

CDM Advisers Fees

No 2 schemes are the same so fees are based on a “project by project” basis taking into account the following factors;

  • the project location & complexity of the works
  • estimated duration of the proposed scheme
  • estimated construction value
  • the identification of an adequately resourced design or project team.
  • Health and safety Inspections
  • CDM Design Workshops

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So when you use Veritas Consulting, you and your team can work on the project whilst a professional CDM Adviser ensures that you fully abide to all CDM Regulations.

By appointing one of our professional CDM Advisers, you can receive the best support whilst allowing your entire team to put their time into the construction project itself.

Contact us to discuss your construction project in more detail and our CDM Advisers service.

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