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What The Top 10 UK Architects On Twitter Have To Offer
Posted by David Cant on May 8, 2013

BDTwitter100We work with UK Architects every day, assisting with their CDM duties, and we can honestly say that we were delighted to see who made the #BDTwitter100 for 2012.

#BDTwitter100 is the very latest version of the list which has been around since 2011, and which takes the top UK architects on Twitter as rated by PeerIndex, and then through the hashtag #BDTwitter100 industry experts from both architecture and social media nominate those UK Architects offering the most useful insights into design across a range of specialisms.

We recognise many of the names on the list, and are especially pleased to see that their approach to using Twitter is not all about faceless selling and marketing, but personal reach and accessibility.

Construction Health and Safety may not necessarily be the most exciting aspect of an Architectural job, but of course it’s one of the most vital. Working with UK Architects who have taken on the role of the CDM Coordinator we know just how much personal effort and commitment these talented designers invest in their work, and yet still have time to use Twitter as a way of reaching out to those who have an interest in what they do. (You can read more about our CDM Support service for architects here: Veritas Consulting CDM Support Services for Architects)

Who Are The Top 10 UK Architects On Twitter?

Top of the #BDTwitter100 list for 2013 is Matt Wood, (@ruralise), former director of Bartlett and Conran, now working at Lucas Hickman Smith and focussing predominantly on rural projects. We’re impressed to see that there’s relatively little in his feed about him, and more about his observations and opinions relating to other Architectural projects. With a healthy following and a regular presence on Twitter we’re not surprised Matt has topped this year’s list.

Increasingly we’re finding many more Architects and Designers contacting us about Construction Health and Safety through Twitter and Facebook, and we’re also hearing from Architects that a great many are now also finding that they’re being contacted by new clients through Twitter.

It certainly does prove that having a positive, active and engaging Twitter profile can reap huge rewards, and offers clients an easy way of both identifying a suitable UK Architect and also finding out more about who they are, what makes them tick, and what they may be like to work with.

Demonstrating The Benefits Of Twitter Marketing

Twitter is far, far more than a calling card or an online portfolio. It’s a way of networking effectively with exactly the people who matter – potential clients, and potential business partners.

This is what #BDTwitter100 is all about – not celebrating reach for the sake of it, nor numbers just because they’re big. This is more than PeerIndex, because those Architects on the most recent list are there because they have been nominated by industry experts.

Tom Holbrook (@thomholbrook) is another well known and much respected UK Architect who is currently working as the Director of 5th Studio, specialising in urban designs. Here we see someone not afraid to make political statements, liberally sprinkled among thought provoking observations.

If you’re interested in following the views, opinions and observations of some of the UK’s best Architects then we’d certainly recommend following both Matt and Tom, but we’d also suggest creating a Twitter list and adding in the other top 8 architects on Twitter.

In the third position is Hari Phillips, (@hari_BPA) who you may well know was shortlisted for Young Architect of the Year 2012, and currently Director of Bell Phillips Architects. It’s easy to assume that for the younger generation Twitter is a more natural medium through which to express views and opinions, and connect to people within the world of architecture and design, but we’ve see plenty of more experienced architects embracing, and benefiting from, this online trend.

Indeed we have helped plenty of established UK Architects both large and small with CDM consultations who have contacted us as a result of either following us on Twitter, or being referred to us through a third party (you can join in the conversation with us by following @safetymatters or our dedicated account for daily advice @ask_veritas).

Also on the list is Susie Clapham (@FLASC_) with well over 20,000 tweets and thousands of followers, Pascale Scheurer (@PazzaArchitect), Founder & CEO IntelligentFutures, Matthew Franklin (@ShropsArchitect), Alastair Parvin (@AlastairParvin), Charles Holland (@fatcharlesh), Angela Brady (@angelabradyRIBA), and Rob Annable (@eversion).

All of us here at Veritas Consulting would like to congratulate all of the UK Architects who made it on #BDTwitter100, and would highly recommend that anyone involved with, or interested in the world of Architecture and design gets following all of these at the very least.

Remember, if you’re looking for help with Construction Health and Safety advice, perhaps if you yourself are an Architect who is taking on the role of CDM Coordinator, then you can either contact us through our Twitter profile, or call us on 0800 1488 677 or contact us.

We offer CDM Support services specifically geared towards helping Architects, Designers and construction professionals who have taken on the role of CDM Coordinator, and you can read more about this service here: CDM Support Services for Architects, Designers


David Cant is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner extraordinaire. He has a wealth of Industry experience and is the MD of Veritas Consulting. David also Blogs about Health and Safety here Health and Safety Consultants

His aim is to flavour Health and Safety with integrity, served with a side of humour You can find David on - Twitter and Google also Linkedin

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