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Health and Safety Not to Dampen Royal Wedding Parties
Posted by David Cant on April 13, 2011

With the Easter holidays now in full swing people are beginning to plan their Royal Wedding street parties to celebrate the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Since there are no actual regulations in place for celebrations and parties, the Health and Safety Executive have given the Royal Wedding celebrations on April 29 2011 the go ahead.

Prime Minister Tells Organisers to Ignore Local Councils

Despite the Prime Minister David Cameron telling Britain start planning parties there are still some fears and misunderstandings concerning the regulations being enforced by local councils.  There is a huge amount of red tape that is putting off party organisers and it can be difficult in knowing what your rights are when it comes to celebrating the wedding with friends, families and neighbours.  Cameron also stated that local councils who are asking for insurance and licenses for all the wedding parties were to stop interfering.

The only reason you may need to consult with your local council is to request that the road is closed for the duration of the party.  If the council does not want to give permission it has been suggested to speak to someone in person and ask why your neighbourhood is unable to celebrate safely. In all other circumstances you should be free to plan your event without having to fight your local council.

What Are Your Health and Safety Responsibilities?

In order to ensure you are holding a responsible party it is worth checking to see if your event will have any laws applied.  It is also recommended that you make sure everyone is kept safe whilst attending your party, as no one wants an accident to dampen the spirits of this momentous occasion.

If your event is organised and run by yourself or non-paid volunteers it is worth having a quick look over the Civil Law and Health and Safety Law.  If someone was to have an accident at your party there is a possibility that you could be sued.  However prosecution is not easy as the injured party would have to prove that the defendant had a duty to take responsibility over their personal safety.

If you plan to charge your guests to attend your celebration of the Royal Wedding then you will have a responsibility to your guests.  Therefore it is advisable to keep the occasion free for everyone to come and enjoy.

You may have your health and safety challenged by the council.  In this situation it is worth asking them to give you exact details on how they believe you are failing and double check with health and safety consultants to make sure that you are able to put the issue right.

Use Common Sense and Have Fun!

Free celebrations can be held without having to abide with Health and Safety regulations.  Remember you only have responsibilities to your guest if you charge or if you are employing people to work for you.  Try to hold the event in a safe environment to help reduce any risks and go ahead and celebrate in style.  For further health and safety advice contact us on 0800 1488 677.


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