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Finding your way through Health and Safety Regulations
Posted by David Cant on July 21, 2011

Compliance with the UK’s Health and Safety and Regulations is essential for any British businesses – large organisations devote significant amounts of time and money to ensure that practices, buildings and workers comply fully with H&S requirements.  For small to medium businesses the time and specialist knowledge required to comply with all aspects of Health and Safety regulations can be daunting.

Each business will be different in what laws and regulations are relevant.  While many health and safety regulations place an obligation on employees to be aware of their own and others safety – ultimately businesses have the overall responsibility to ensure all necessary measures are in place.  Figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that more than 200 people a year are killed in Britain at work.

This figure does not include road deaths related to employment.  Tens of millions of working days are also lost to business each year through work related injuries while occupational related illnesses account for thousands of deaths per year.

Health and Safety for small businesses

Faced with figures like this, small employers could be forgiven for being extremely nervous.  When it comes to health and safety regulations no business, whatever the size, can afford to take risks.  Specialist Health and Safety consultants are an ideal source of information, advice, audit and policy making.  Health and safety regulations require robust policy documents to protect not only workers but also the interests of businesses.  These documents should be prepared by experts – and for small businesses this expertise often comes from consultants rather than from their own staff.

Comprehensive consultancy packages

As mentioned above individual businesses need individual assessments.  When considering hiring consultancy firms to prepare documentation or conduct risk assessments for your businesses there are some important things to look for.  Health and safety regulations are constantly changing so industry specialists are best placed to give up-to-date an accurate advice.  Health and safety consultants should offer a full range of services – covering areas such as workplace safety, office safety, Health and Safety Audits, Fire Risk Assessments, competent person services and policy documentation preparation.  Specialist consultants may also offer services to specific industries such as the hospitality or construction industries.

Lifesaving services

For small businesses a competent person service can be, quite literally, a life saver.  Many health and safety regulations will require the appointment of a competent person for specific areas of your business – some consultants can perform this role.  In addition the consultancy can arrange necessary audits and provide your company with all legally required Health and Safety documents and policies.  For small businesses with limited resources the savings in time, money and training that using a specialist Health and Safety consultant can offer are significant to say the least.  Ensuring that you, your employees and your business comply with all relevant health and safety regulations is something that no business owner can afford to overlook.

Health and safety regulations are complex and can be time consuming for small businesses.  Ensuring that you have the correct procedures and policies in place can not only save money in the future but can also save lives.


David Cant is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner extraordinaire. He has a wealth of Industry experience and is the MD of Veritas Consulting. David also Blogs about Health and Safety here Health and Safety Consultants

His aim is to flavour Health and Safety with integrity, served with a side of humour You can find David on - Twitter and Google also Linkedin

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