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Fall from Height Results in Serious Injuries
Posted by David Cant on July 13, 2012

Another case involving fall from heights has brought attention once more to the importance of onsite safety.  Two workers were seriously injured when they fell from a platform they were working on while employed by a vehicle engineering firm.  The two men who have asked to remain anonymous were working with six other employees who were trying to install a ceiling fan.  The fan was large and when the men tried to move a motor in place for installation the platform they were standing on failed and they fell over two meters to the floor.

The men experienced multiple injuries; one broke his collar bone which required six weeks off work in order to heal.  The other had a cut on the back of his head and he also had a bruised eye.  The Health and Safety Executive visited the site to try and establish the cause of the accident and they found several problems. The main reason for the accident seemed to be the lack of planning which is essential when performing any task.  Without planning the firm, Mira Ltd, had not managed to spot the hazards or come up with safe working measures which could have prevented the accident.

Lack of Planning, Risk Assessments and No Improvements Made

Another disappointing and worrying problem was the lack of planning working at height after the incident occurred with the two men falling off the platform.  These meant risks were still present and employees were facing potentially deadly incidents each time they worked.

Mira Ltd, who are a vehicle engineering, design and testing firm were ordered to appear before Nuneaton Magistrates court. They pleaded guilty for breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act.  The judge decided to give the firm a £12,000 fine and the company will also have to pay £9,305 in costs.

Six employees faced risks which were unnecessary simply because Mira Ltd were unable to organise adequate planning before carrying out any work at height.  The company were very lucky that the injuries sustained by the two men wasn’t more severe, and the two men are very lucky to have walked away with their lives.  Both men hit the floor with the top half of their bodies and therefore the injuries to their heads could have been a lot worse than they were.

Working at Height Requires Planning and Safety Measures

There were more than 6000 accidents involving fall from height last year.  One of the best ways to prevent accidents is to perform risk assessments and plan the job before any work begins. This provides you with an opportunity to spot the hazards which will be present and to plan ways of overcoming the hazards safely.  Working at height is dangerous and safety equipment can be used to help reduce the dangers.

Health and safety consultants can work with you by offering excellent courses which will teach you how to plan working at height.  The training is offered as one of the health and safety services and you can arrange your training by calling 0800 1488 677.


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