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Be Aware of Asbestos
Posted by David Cant on March 20, 2013

Young workers in the construction industry have been alerted to the importance of asbestos training in Yorkshire. It is necessary to be aware of the risks when working with asbestos as it can lead to diseases, many of which are terminal. The Health and Safety Executive have organised training opportunities to those working in South and North Yorkshire. The aim is to raise awareness and to help reduce the exposure of asbestos to those working in the industry.

All workers in constriction have asbestos health and safety training by law. There are many courses available, most of which only last for a couple of days.  Many young people don’t think that asbestos is an issue and this often results in people being exposed to the deadly fibres. Any building built before 2000 can contain asbestos which means that it is a constant risk that needs to be managed.

Do You Know if Asbestos is Present?

It is necessary to conduct asbestos surveys before any work begins. Asbestos is widely found within industrial, commercial and domestic premises. Although it isn’t used today it will be many years before it has been eliminated from all properties. The awareness training helps workers to recognise asbestos and educates them about the steps they need to take to protect themselves from exposure and the dangers it presents.

Asbestos surveys can be requested from health and safety consultants. They are required as you have a legal duty to manage the risks. As there are approximately 4000 deaths per year caused by asbestos exposure there are no excuses for failing to comply with the law by having an asbestos survey created.

What is an Asbestos Survey?

When you request an asbestos survey the property will be investigated. It will establish if there is asbestos present and where it is found in the building. The survey will also help you to comply with multiple actions as stated in the Control of Asbestos Regulations such as:

  • Record the findings regarding the presence of asbestos
  • Create plans on how to deal with the asbestos and manage the risks

You must also always assume that asbestos is present until you know otherwise and make your findings known to anyone who is at risk of being in contact of the asbestos.

If asbestos is found you don’t necessarily have to remove it. However you do need to record its presence, manage it carefully and ensure no one works on it without the proper equipment or training. If you fail to take a survey you can put everyone in the property at risk, from the workers to those responsible for cleaning the clothing of anyone who has been exposed to the asbestos.

Your next step

Contact Veritas Consulting on 0800 1488 677 and ask about the asbestos health and safety services that are available.


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