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Health and Safety at Work

Best practice is good for business, safety makes sense

Good health and safety at work is essentially about having the right people in the right place with the right equipment to do the job properly. That is the same as good business. It is not possible to separate the two.

What are the advantages of health and safety for your businesses?

  • It’s the law, so if something goes wrong you could be in real trouble and it could cost you a lot.
  • If anyone who is working gets hurt, they may not be able to earn money for a long time. As well as being in pain, to be worried about finance can put a huge strain on business and private life.
  • If you do bother about workplace health and safety, you can bid for work with clients like Local Authorities and major contractors because you can prove to them that you won’t let them down on health and safety.
  • If you do bother about health and safety at work, you may be able to run your business more effectively, mainly because it is about good management.

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