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Health & Safety Consultancy Case Studies

Mayfair Fire (Competent Person Service)

Mayfair Fire Protection provides a fire and security service to external parties – they works with others to provide fire services and security support for businesses that require consultation and support in setting up their projects. We provided Health and safety support for the company, giving them information and support in setting up their compliance needs for health and safety. Our comprehensive reviews helped to support and improve their facilities.

We offered a threefold service, working with Mayfair fire protection to provide competent person training, and reviewed basic fire and security health and safety protocols, while providing advice and support for clients. Working closely with them, we provided integral support without disruption to their services, while improving their work and offering their clients more.

We also provided specialised consultation and support services for asbestos awareness – this training is firmly focussed around and trained Mayfair operatives in awareness for asbestos materials, along with providing them with the services and data to pass on to customers with asbestos in situ.

Gridlock Interiors – (CHAS Registration)

A major interior refurbishment building company based in Worcester has been for nearly a year developing their health and safety management systems. During this period they have seen accidents decrease and turnover increase. By being registered on the CHAS database they have been able to streamline their bidding process, by removing duplication regarding their Health and Safety Policies.

It was a long procedure and we doubted at times the wisdom of applying. However, we preserved with the process and, with the help of the consultancy company that we employed, we were awarded the CHAS certification. Gaining a CHAS Registration has made a massive difference to our company, we have streamlined our tender process. We no longer have to fill in countless forms regarding the Health and Safety aspect of the tender.

Consequently we have saved money, improved health and safety, raised the profile of the company and begun to convert more tenders into actual work”.

Belway Homes – (Construction / Developers)

Belway Homes, a construction and development company, required Site Safety Inspections and comprehensive audits as well as an update to their Health and Safety policies – Veritas Consulting provided these by drawing on real world experiences and up to date knowledge of the legislature surrounding their industry, creating an audit trail and suggestion set that brought them into full compliance.

Our safety inspections and audits were constructed to support the company in completing their job with minimal delays and impact, and gave them the chance to examine and update their policies without creating additional stresses or strains on their company. We provided comprehensive paperwork to help support both roles, giving the company the chance to understand and update policies to protect their employees, while having the opportunity to request audits or inspections at any time, without needing to employ a full time inspector.

This saved the business considerable money and ensured they had access to a fully trained professional health and safety advisor as needed that was up to date with all of the rules and regulations surrounding their industry, giving them the confidence to continue with their work.

Orchard Oak Recruitment (Health and Safety Policies)

Orchard Oak Recruitment required several services, but our main focus was their Health and Safety service review. We took a comprehensive overview of their products and services and suggested several key areas of improvement for them.

Recruitment is a difficult field to work in for Health and Safety – it’s important to ensure that there is a solid health and safety policy for intra office works, but also that there are strong health and safety policies in place for the areas these temps and permanent workers are going to. While this may be the responsibility of the company taking on the hires, it’s also important for the company to ensure that their liability of support is met and that there is a clear delineation of responsibility.

We helped consult on this and other areas of health and safety to provide a clear policy for Orchard Oak Recruitment. These policies have been well adopted and have provided a continued success for the company.

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