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Nine People Lose Their Lives in Just Twelve Weeks
Posted by David Cant on September 17, 2012

During twelve weeks between June and September 2012 nine people have died while working in the waste and recycling industry. This dramatic rise in deaths has resulted in a warning from the Health and Safety Executive to improve safety for all workers that work in these areas.  Half of the nine people who have died this summer were killed while working in skip hire.

The HSE Will Prosecute if They Find any Workers Being Put at Risk

The number of people killed at work in this industry is an area of concern. Employers in these industries have to be more in control of their health and safety measures. One of the main problems involves the equipment used and vehicles and lack of training for the employees. It is also vital that the workers are properly supervised by a competent person to help ensure the work is being carried out safely.

The Health and Safety Executive have reminded the recycling and waste industry that they will take action if they discover that the workers are put at risk. Currently all nine of the fatalities are being fully investigated by the HSE.  The number of deaths is already more than the number for the whole of 2011.

Compliance Tips for Skip Hire and Waste Transfer

If you are the owner of a firm in this dangerous industry you need to comply with the law.  One of the most common causes of injuries and accidents within this sector is transportation and vehicles. You can help to reduce the risks by

  • Understanding the risks and how to avoid them by buying the right vehicles and skips for the job.
  • Carry out checks in the skips and containers regularly checking the general condition as well as the locks, tipping bars, restraints and lifting points.
  • All operators need to be trained to recognise if the skip is appropriate for the job by checking the load bearing, stability and the way the load weight can be distributed evenly to reduce the risk of tipping.
  • Provide all the operators with written work procedures and advice on what to do if the skip is found to be unsafe, and who to contact with any concerns or problems.
  • Make sure any vehicles or skips are not used until they have been adequately fixed and checked over to ensure they are now in safe condition.
  • All drivers of the vehicles have to be trained on how to report any problems which pose hazards such as skips and containers that are overloaded, lack of available space to work safely, skips or containers on soft or sloping ground.

If you have any concerns about the health and safety within your organisation contact the health and safety consultants on: 0800 1488 677 for help. With so many deaths it is clear that the risks are ever present and more needs to be done to ensure workers lives are not lost. We have many and safety services that will help to avoid accidents and show compliance with the laws and regulations.


David Cant is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner extraordinaire. He has a wealth of Industry experience and is the MD of Veritas Consulting. David also Blogs about Health and Safety here Health and Safety Consultants

His aim is to flavour Health and Safety with integrity, served with a side of humour You can find David on - Twitter and Google also Linkedin

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