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    A refreshing uncomplicated approach to Health and Safety compliance with reassuring solutions for your business.

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    Veritas Consulting - Trusted by the industry to deliver CDM Adviser Services the way they should be, regardless of the project size

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Need help with a health and safety matter in order to comply with an industry that seems to enjoy puzzling everyone?

Whatever your business requirements Veritas Consulting will ensure you are firmly in the driving seat - through a wealth of knowledge, experience and technical know-how to help protect your business, your reputation and better understand your health and safety responsibilities such as; Workplace Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Asbestos Surveys, Competent Person and CDM Adviser Services.

Whilst at the same time help unlock several key benefits that make those measurable, lasting improvements in business performance become a reality.

Get in touch today! and see how Health and Safety Consultants can help your business comply.

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Health and Safety is not Rocket Science...

Health and Safety is not a science; it's simply a series of carefully thought-out, well managed workplace tasks. And, it's fair to say that managing those workplace tasks can often seem a "complicated business", with a maze of Workplace health and safety rules and regulations, it's very easy to see the reasons why! In fact, health and safety law is straightforward.

And Health and Safety is not about regulation, it's about making your business more efficient - it plays an integral part of being a "good business" and nothing add's value more than, common sense, easily digestible advice and the technical support necessary to help your business comply.

Think about the benefits

  • higher productivity gains especially absence reduction
  • better profit margins
  • avoiding costs of accidents and claims
  • substantial savings on insurance costs
  • avoiding the likelihood of action taken against your business bythe HSE Inspectors
  • maintaining your business reputation as being a "good" employer

Proud Industry Accreditations

Proud Accreditations

Convinced we can help? let's talk

Nothing will convince you fully, until you instruct Veritas Consulting Health and Safety Consultants to work with you. Only then, will you be able to experience for yourself, how Veritas Consulting has become such a well respected small independent health and safety consultancy. So, do contact us now to see how we can help.

..Health and Safety Consultants providing a range of Workplace Safety Services, expert CDM Advisers, Asbestos Surveys, Fire Risk Assessments including a reliable Competent Person Service. Oh and did we say regardless of your location we will consider helping you.


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