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Check for Legionella Risks
Posted by David Cant on September 21, 2012

The Health and Safety Executive have given a warning to companies to check their water systems. The warning was issued on Wednesday September 19 as businesses are being urged to do more to protect employees and the public from the risks of legionella. The safety notices has asked the organisations and companies to check their hot and cold water systems. These systems may be used for washing, bathing or in manufacturing.

The most recent warning has followed the notice that was published back in July.  That notice asked companies to check their condensers and their cooling towers for any traces of the bacteria.  The initial notice was designed to try and eliminate the highest risk of legionella as condensers and cooling towers are believed to cause the most risks as they are the most common cause for outbreaks during the last ten years according to the Health and Safety Executive.

Review Your Legionella Risks on a Regular Basis

The aim of the latest notice is to encourage organisations to take control of their reviews. It is necessary to make certain checks on a regular basis just to ensure that the risks are being controlled. By undertaking a strict routine it is more likely that future outbreaks will be reduced greatly.

There is a lot of guidance available concerning the risks. As an employer or business owner you have to identify what the risks are and access the sources. The ACoP (L8) which is the main source of guidance for Management of legionella which includes the hazards that arise from legionella. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations also cover the risks from legionella and COSHH too.

Once you have identified risks and sources you will then need to ensure they are managed effectively. From there you can control the risks and prevent problems that may occur if they weren’t managed.  Organisations have to then keep good records and ensure that all duties are followed out and reviewed on a regular basis.

Where to Turn if You Need Help?

It can be a complicated procedure, or simply something that is eating into your time. Whatever the reason is for avoiding the checks it is time to take control and follow the laws to ensure the safety of others. Contacting health and safety consultants is a great start and will certainly ensure that you are working hard to take heed of the warning that has been issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

When it comes to the risks of legionella it is not only about avoiding prosecution, it is also about not putting lives at risk. You must perform your risk assessments or ask your consultants to do so. There are health and safety services available that could help you to manage the control of legionella risks more effectively and in keeping with the law. Don’t leave it too late, legionnaire’s disease is a killer, but it can easily be prevented through your actions.  Call us now on 0121 702 1425 and start taking action.


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