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Managing Health and Safety in the Transport Industry and Mobile Workshops

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One of the largest areas that is coming to light at the moment where Health and Safety could be better is mobile workshops and other ‘temporary’ facilities. While it’s difficult to control the area that these facilities are parked in, knowing how to judge whether your workshop is situated appropriately can make the difference between a successful business and one that’s constantly dogged by incidents.

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Often however, those that travel with these facilities aren’t aware of the intricacies of the legislation that they’re up against and that’s where we can help. Veritas Consulting is a fully functional consultancy that can either train your mobile operators in all of the various Health and Safety rules they need to be aware of or provide a comprehensive document to act as a checklist for mobile projects. Either option allows you to draw on our extensive experience without needing to make any trial and error mistakes, and can allow you to spend the time on your business instead.

Whether you’re presenting a mobile workshop, or working with groups of temporary accommodation to ensure that your Health and Safety needs are met. While employer’s liability is designed to protect against lawsuits, any fines that are handed down due to non-compliance with regulations are not usually covered and are an expensive lesson for companies. Whether you’ve experienced a lawsuit in the past or have avoided it, taking care to ensure your Health and Safety needs are met solidly is a top priority for businesses.

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