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Managing Health and Safety in Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes

We will work with you ensuring the highest standards of health and safety are maintained for your people and premises

Whether your business is focussed on providing food for clients, or for your staff, there is a basic level of Health and Safety, plus another level of food safety that you have to adhere to. These safety needs are designed to prevent nasty surprises when the EHO or local authorities visit to check on your site, and gives full accountability to companies wishing to paper trail their compliance.

How we can help at a glance

Hands on assistance for your business

Health and Safety is becoming increasingly complex as companies become liable for more and more of the incidents that occur under their roofs – and with the increasing burden of Health and Safety compliance, it’s critical for companies to have a trusted consultants to turn to. Veritas Consulting can fulfil all of your needs with ease, giving you a one stop service for all of your Health and Safety needs, from food safety to workplace safety and beyond. We work with your team from the outset, minimising disruption and offering information and solutions instantly.

We then provide you with an in depth report that lets you see what we feel you should do, drawing on our years of real life experience, technical and legal expertise and our up to date knowledge of all of the laws surrounding your industry. We are a cost effective solution to anyone looking to hire a Health and Safety manager without needing to take on additional permanent staff.

If required, we can also offer you training and withdraw to a consultant role over time, but can offer you hands on support until you are ready to work on your own.

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