Construction Health and Safety Consultancy and CDM Adviser Services

Managing Health and Safety in Factories and Warehouses

We will work with you ensuring the highest standards of health and safety are maintained for your people and premises

We live in a culture where compensation and employee liability insurance go hand in hand – increasing costs for small businesses and creating issues for those who run businesses out of Factories and Warehouses or other units that may have even started out as a hobby.

Understanding your liability and how to mitigate your risks is a crucial element of setting up and running a business – and while this can be overwhelming at the start of a business, it’s important to ensure that your Health and Safety responsibilities are met. Let Veritas Consulting help you meet your legal and compliance Health and Safety guidelines and create a safe environment for you and your staff to operate in, without adding an additional burden to your company.

How we can help at a glance

Hands on assistance

Whether you need a risk assessment, health and safety check, or comprehensive Health and Safety policy set up, we can create a tailored solution to help you avoid litigation and ensure that avoidable accidents are prevented from the outset and that your policies on Health, Safety, equipment and working practices are clear. We can support you in ensuring that your company is meeting and exceeding compliance and legalities with ease, freeing up management time to focus on more important tasks.

Our risk assessment and comprehensive support projects come with a report that can be perused, with tried and tested solutions, provided by our experts, with real world experience in the areas they are focussing on, giving you the confidence to apply the advice from the outset.

Your next step

If you need reassurance or a simple assessment of your Factory or Warehouse please contact us today for more advice and support, and we can get started immediately!

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