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Managing Health and Safety in Care Homes

We will work with you ensuring the highest standards of health and safety are maintained for your guests and visitors while on your premises

Much like hospitals and hotels, care homes have a burden of care that extends past simple Health and Safety into complex food needs of their clients. While this may seem difficult to manage, the increase in complaints about care homes, coupled with the longer lives and more complex needs of the older generation creates a perfect storm of issues surrounding Health and Safety and Food compliance.

How we can help at a glance

Hands on assistance

We can help take the sting out of all of the problems that crop up without creating an additional set of problems for your team. From helping to set up and create vulnerable adult training overview, or support a full risk assessment and correcting plan, Veritas Consulting can act as an health and safety advisor or come in as a full hands on role for as long as you need – whether it’s a one off check, or PAT checks on your electrical devices, we can offer a fully comprehensive service that covers all of your needs, no matter how small or large.

Our consultants are fully trained in each area of Health and Safety compliance and are up to date on every change – drawing on real world experience, technical expertise and past support to offer the best advice tailored directly to your Care Home. We can create a Health and Safety route that works best for you without interfering with your operations, and can offer advice in a transparent and engaging way.

Your next step

If you need reassurance or a simple assessment of your Care Home please contact us today for more advice and support, and start your first step to taking care of your compliance needs today.

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