Construction Health and Safety Consultancy and CDM Adviser Services

Guidance on our Costs

Highly competitive fees that stand-out from the large consultancy crowd.

At Veritas Consulting we are open, up-front and believe in helping potential clients fully understand exactly where they stand before making an informed decison. This not only gives you financial control over budgets but also allows you to plan costs for your business. And it does not stop there, we figure this will save you a great deal of time comparing costs with other health and safety services providers.

Making your life as easy as possible

We offer 3 simple ways of charging for our services.

  • time based on a “hourly rate” @ £40.00
  • a day rate of £350.00
  • an all in “fixed project fee” no hidden extras (most popular)

And, if we have to spend more time and resources than we originally expected, we will do it at no extra cost.

You pay Peanuts, you get Monkeys

Never a truer word said than with the health and safety profession, alarm bells should start ringing if a similar consultancy is offering the same service at a very low cost – it’s unlikely they will be qualified or, have the necessary experience to provide the right results for your business, which could easily turn into costly mistakes. So, do think twice before feeding them.

Typical cost examples

It is hard to give exact costs on a website because every small business requirements are unique to them, so we’ve tried to give some guidance on the costs for our most popular services below.

How do we keep our costs so low, so low?

We can keep our Health and Safety Consultants fees low because, we don’t need big swanky offices in the City, we have little overheads and we would rather you spend your money where it counts than waste it on expensive consultants.

Reduce overheads & save yourself some money

Consider subscribing to our easily affordable Competent Person Service and make huge savings by not employing a full-time member of staff to deal solely with health and safety issues but, have that reassurance of being able to ask for expert help and advice when you need it.

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