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CDM Regulations Summary

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Looking for a CDM Coordinator who actually does something for their fee –offers a reassuring combination of knowledge & technical know-how?

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CDM Regulations

A CDM Coordinator is required by law if you have a construction project that will last longer than 30 days, or 500 person days. For more information regarding CDM Regulations please contact us.

CDM Coordinators

CDM Coordinators with decades of experience

As independent CDM Coordinators with extensive experience we have carried out an array of projects from Housing Developments, Refurbishment, Commercial, Retail & Industrial units, Demolition schemes, Civil, ECO and PFI schemes, often in the most demanding circumstances. View our case studies

Therefore, whether you have a project in mind that you definitely expect to go ‘live’ – or you simply have plans for the future – we’d be delighted to discuss any proposal opportunities you may have, including how we can work together.

…expert CDM Coordinators Birmingham, West Midlands.

CDM Coordinators Fees

No 2 schemes are the same so fees are based on a “project by project” basis taking into account the following factors;

  • the project location & complexity of the works
  • estimated duration of the proposed scheme
  • estimated construction value
  • the identification of an adequately resourced design or project team.

For more information please see our CDM Coordinators fees or alternatively contact us direct.

Contact us for more information regarding CDM Regulations

To see if your business is at risk or to book your CDM Coordinator then please contact us using the handiest of contact forms on the right or call us direct on 0800 1488 677.

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