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Case Study – Newbridge Care Home – Fire Risk Assessment

How we helped a Care Home with their Fire Safety Management and Training needs

Newbridge Care Home contacted Veritas Consulting to discuss their needs surrounding Fire Safety, Health and Safety training and Risk Assessment. Over the course of several weeks, we discussed their needs, and brought their Health and Safety support up to code, explaining and clarifying legislation to allow them to make informed and in depth decisions surrounding their needs. We also worked with them to ensure that they understood and had clear Fire Safety policies, and reviewed their food safety while updating their policies.

Each of the three elements combined into a real world set of policies that allowed them to create a comprehensive document of support that covered both their clients and staff. Our Fire Safety, health and safety and Risk Assessment training helped them update key policies to reach compliance on their needs, and supported them in designing a new support document for their clients, giving them a new level of quality assurance and updating their care to levels that they could be proud of.

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