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What is a CDM Coordinator?
Posted by David Cant on August 2, 2011

A CDM Coordinator is a duty holder required under the CDM Regulations for a project lasting 30 days or more who advises the client on his CDM duties and design risk management matters.

What are CDM Coordinator duties

  • Advise and assist the client with his/her duties.
  • Notify the Health and Safety Executive as soon as practically possible using Form 10 Rev.
  • Co-ordinate health and safety aspects of design work and cooperate with others involved with the project. Ensure, as far as practical, that the design of any structure is such to avoid foreseeable risks of health and safety of any persons at work and to give priority to measures that will protect persons at work.
  • Ensure that the design includes adequate information about any aspects of the project, or structure, or material that might affect the health and safety of any persons at work. The CDM Coordinator shall ensure that all Designers working on the clients projects understand their duties under the CDM Regulations and that suitable systems or hazard identification and risk assessment are utilised.
  • Facilitate good communication between client, designers and contractors.
  • Provide adequate advice to the client and any contractor to enable them to be reasonably satisfied that the designer has allocated, or will allocate, adequate resources to design in a way which:
  • Avoids, reduces or controls risk
  • Can be constructed and maintained safely
  • Liaise with principal contractor regarding ongoing design.
  • Identify, collect and pass on pre-construction information.
  • Give adequate advice to the client to enable them to be reasonably satisfied that any contractor has the competence to carry out or to manage work.
  • The CDM Coordinator shall ensure that all those appointed by the client appear suitably competent to undertake the work for which they are appointed.  This advice regarding competence shall be given regarding all Designers, Contractors and Principal Contractors and shall extend to include whether those appointed have allocated adequate resources to discharge their duties.
  • Inspect and advise the client on the Principal Contractors tenders in relation to Health and Safety matters to ensure that their responsibilities under CDM are met.
  • Ensure the Principal Contractor has allocated or, as appropriate, will allocate adequate resources to enable the principal contractor to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed on him by or under the relevant statutory authority including ensuring an appropriate construction phase plan is produced.
  • Advise the client regarding the Principal Contractors development of the construction phase health and safety plan: specifically whether client would be in breach of the regulations in allowing a project to start on site.
  • Attend site on a regular basis to audit the development of the construction phase health and safety plan and the contractor’s adherence to the plan, to include the preparation of reports and provision of detailed evidence of the progress regarding compliance with the Plan and advise appropriate action in cases of non-compliance.
  • Ensure a suitable health and safety file is prepared and issued to the client – see Construction Sheet no 44 issued by the Health and Safety Executive for information relating to the preparation and contents of the health and safety file.
  • Attend meeting/site with the Principal Contractors health and safety representative as required.
  • Attend relevant design team meetings.

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