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Huge £200,000 Fine for Rugby Aggregates Plant after Worker is Killed
Posted by David Cant on October 19, 2011

A tragic explosion which killed a young worker, Peter Reynolds, has resulted in the firm Cemex being fined £20,000 after being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive. Mr Reynolds was aged just 28 when the huge explosion occurred.  He was working to clear a blockage in a mixer when steam and dust exploded out of the mixer with such force that Mr Reynolds was blown out of the side of the building, falling ten meters to the floor below.

When the Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident they discovered that Cemex knew the risks.  They had established that a blockage would result in explosions; however, they failed to come up with preventative measures to stop accidents from occurring.

Reviewing Risk Assessments is a Must

Another area which the HSE was not happy with was the fact that the company had not reviewed their workplace risk assessments since an accident which had occurred in 2006, two years before the death of Mr Reynolds.  The 2006 incident involved the same mixer when an explosion managed to bend a wall which was clad in metal, making it push out by almost a meter. The fact that the company had not learnt from the earlier accident is not acceptable.

Health and Safety consultants are able to advise companies of all shapes and sizes on their risk assessments as well as how to put in place policies which will help to prevent any of the risks from happening, or managing the environment in a way which can reduce risks of injuries or death.

Severe Fine for Failing to Act

At the court the judge heard about all of the evidence that the HSE had discovered in their investigation.  Due to the fact that the company had not taken any extra preventative measures from a previous incident one young man was killed, leaving behind a wife and a child, the courts imposed a huge fine to Cemex.

Cemex pleaded guilty for breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety Work Act 1974.  They were fined £200,000 and ordered to pay costs of £172,000.

Avoidable Accident

The Health and Safety Executive inspector, Neil Craig, released a statement after the court case. He raised the fact that this incident could have been completely avoided, instead one man is dead and a young family is missing a father and a husband. The explosions could have been avoided with more investigation and careful planning.

Health and Safety Services are able to highlight areas which need to have attention. Risk assessments and audits are the ideal way of discovering potential dangers. With these reports in place Health and Safety Consultants are able to help you create a safe system of work, put in place new methods of working, and improving the work place in a way which would keep employees and the public safe.

To make sure that your business runs safely and disasters are avoided contact Health and Safety Consultants.  Call 0800 1488 677 and speak to the experts today.


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