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Dangerous Site Results in Fine – Could Your Site Land You in Court?
Posted by David Cant on February 22, 2013

Construction sites need to be carefully managed in order to reduce the hazards and to provide a safe working environment for the workers. Failing to maintain a safe site can result in legal action being taken against the business owners and even the managers or supervisors. This is what happened to Stoneforce, a construction firm in Hertfordshire.

The firm were fined by the Health and Safety Executive after they were discovered to be putting lives at risks on a site they were working on in the centre of Newcastle. Stoneforce had been hired to refurbish a brand new store, they began working in September 2011 and the work continued for many months. Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive arrived on the site on September 14 2011. The inspectors went through the legal obligations of the firm so they were aware of what they needed to do and how to follow the law.

Complaints Were Made Resulting in an Inspection by the HSE

By February 2012 there had been several complaints concerning the work being carried out on the site. The reports included some allegations about dangerous work at height conditions. The other complaints were concerning absent welfare facilities and bad housekeeping – contributing to the risks for the workers.  As a result of the complaints the HSE inspectors paid a visit to the site again on February 21. The inspectors found many safety failings and one which resulted in a Prohibition Notice being served. This was required as there were very dangerous risks of falls from height as work was taking place close to the edge of the roof without sufficient safety procedures and measures in place.

Stoneforce where fined £10,000 for breaching the Regulations of the Work at Height Regulations and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations; a total of five breaches altogether. In addition to the fine the firm must also pay £5,195 in court costs.

Health and Safety Consultants can help any construction firm avoid legal problems concerning safe sites and working conditions. Training is available to those who need it, something that is vital in construction, especially for the site managers and supervisors who are often the ones who are left in charge of managing the day to day health and safety of the site.

Training is available to ensure the supervisors and managers know what their duty is in regards to the workers and the law. If you would like to learn more about the health and safety services available for the construction industry just call 0800 1488 677.


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