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Building Company Ignored Safety Risks
Posted by David Cant on January 2, 2013

Workers and the public were put at risk by a building company in Cardiff after they continued to ignore safety risks. The case was heard on December 18 when Rimo Construction appeared before Cardiff magistrates court for permitting their employees to work at height without considering safety factors.

A concerned neighbour reported the dangerous conditions as they were worried about the activities they were observing. The Health and Safety Executive investigated the work and discovered that there wasn’t any protection in place to stop the employees falling from height. There was no protection around the scaffolding or the edge of the roof.  Work had continued even though some of the scaffolding had been taken down, there were no guard rails.

Prohibition Notice Demanded All Work Stops Until Problems were Addressed

When the inspectors discovered the dangerous conditions the company was handed a prohibition Notice. The Notice meant that all work was to stop until the problems were correctly addressed. However, when the inspectors turned up at the site the following day they found the men were still working at height in the dangerous conditions.

The construction firm should have not allowed any work to take place without using adequate safety measures. The safety measures are there to stop workers falling from height and adding some protection to falling materials to anyone walking below. Because of this they were charged with breaching three sections of the Health and Safety at Work Act; section 2(1), 33(1) and 3(1).  They were fined £2,000 and must pay £1,000 in costs.

Stop and Consider Your Current Safe Working Measures

Cutting corners is a problem that is surprisingly common in the UK, despite plenty of information being made readily available about the dangers and legislation. The firm were well aware of how they should be working safely, and the Prohibition Notice gave them an opportunity to make the site safe and protect their workers and the public from harm.  They pleaded guilty to the charges after it was clear that they ignored the Prohibition Notice and continued to put lives at risk.

All employers have a legal and moral duty to ensure the safety of those who work for them. Health and Safety Consultants can be called at any time to help any firm address their current procedures and policies to work to improve the situation. By using health and safety services it’s possible to recognise the failings, find suitable training for the construction industry as well as health and safety management and reduce the chance of being prosecuted by the HSE.

If you are concerned about your current safety measures and working conditions call our team for advice. There are multiple services available, call us on 0800 1488 677 and ask for assistance.


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