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Managing Health and Safety in Hotels and Guest Houses

We will work with you ensuring the highest standards of health and safety are maintained for your guests and visitors while on your premises

Hotels, Guest Houses and other boarding groups, whether a Bed and Breakfast or camp of any description needs to work with Health and Safety and Food Safety to meet compliance and legal needs surrounding the hotelier industry. It’s crucial to understand that most businesses that house other people, temporarily for any reasons are often fully stretched and can struggle to find the time to meet compliance needs.

Veritas Consulting can help you bridge the gap between your daily work, and the needs of your Health and Safety compliance with ease. We are experts in the Health and Safety field and can share that expertise with you when you need it most.

How we can help at a glance

Hands on assistance

We can give you a complete overview of where your Health and Safety practices need to change to meet current legislation (including both the Food Safety Act (1990) and the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)) and it’s changes and updates, alongside some common sense support to prevent issues arising later. We draw on real world expertise, meticulous understanding of all of the current legislation, and an intrinsic understanding of where problems can occur, and how to prevent them.

Understanding where your business could get caught up, or find issues with its process, where the areas of potential ‘danger’ are is a crucial step in designing and preventing accidents via avoidable error, and can often result in a more productive, safer workplace.

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