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Managing Health and Safety in Retail, Shopping Centres and Facilities Management

We will work with you ensuring the highest standards of health and safety are maintained for your building

If you manage a public space, such as a mall, or shopping complex, public shopping area or recreational area, then you have to meet health and safety compliance, and meet all the areas of the Food Act of 1990, or you could risk being sued. In this culture of ambulance chasing and people finding that they are able to sue over incidents, you need to be aware of your surroundings and how they are set up to prevent accidents wherever possible.

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Hands on assistance for your business

Compliance is a complicated area of legal and official needs – each can be difficult to understand and may cause your nominated officer to find more problems than they hope to solve. For that reason, you may want to outsource your needs and gain support from an experienced group who has worked with these needs in the past and can draw from real world expertise to provide your team with the support it needs.

From Fire risk assessments to understanding and tracking whether your electrics are up to scratch, we can help you meet and exceed your compliance needs and support you in ensuring that you’re upping on the best in the business to get your information from.

Veritas Consulting has worked to go above and beyond the needs of consulting to support companies and groups in ensuring that their spaces are safe, secure and enjoyable.

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