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Roof Fall Leaves Man Seriously Injured
Posted by David Cant on November 23, 2011

A farmer from Carmarthenshire has been fined by the Ammanford Magistrates Court after a roofer fell whole working on the roof on the farm. The Health and Safety Executive decided to fine Anthony William John Daniel after investigation the fall which occurred on April 15 2011.

Mr Daniel’s employee, Daniel Elliot, a 24 year old originally from Nottingham, was hired to help on the firm.  A fully experienced erector of steel his main job was to help to put in place a brand new roof between some of the buildings on the farm.  The new pitched roof was going to replace an existing roof and Mr Elliot would also need to put new steel frames in place.

One Simple Step Resulted in Fall

While Mr Elliot was working on one of the existing buildings he took a step backwards and fell through a PVC skylight. The fragile window collapse under his weight and Mr Elliot fell almost six meters to the floor below. The fall causes serious injuries including a broken spine, fractured pelvis and he also injured his arms which required stitches.

Since the accident the young worker has not been able to return to his job.  He will now have to look for a new career as it is doubtful he will be able to continue work as a steel erector due to the lasted problems caused by his injuries.

Not Reporting Accidents is an Offence

Mr Daniel who employed Mr Elliot did not contact the Health and Safety Executive to report the incident.  The HSE were only made aware of the incident after the injured workers mother contacted them.  An investigation followed and the inspectors discovered that Mr Daniel had failed to put in place a plan to make sure the work was carried out safely.

There was also no supervision to oversee the work and therefore there were many risks which were not prevented which are required when anyone is working at a height.  When Mr Daniel appeared before the court he was fined £6500 for breaching Regulation (3)1 of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 and for breaching section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act. In addition to the fine Mr Daniel also had to pay £2661 in court costs.

Working at Height Comes With Many Dangers

When working at height there are no excuses for not planning, supervising and making sure that all the work is carried out in a safe manner. Competent people must be involved to make sure that all the work is safely managed. Health and Safety Services provide a number of ways that you can make sure you are following the regulations and laws put in place when working at height.

Contact health and safety consultants to find out more about the way they are able to help protect you and your employees when working at heights. Call 0800 1488 677 to find out more information on the health and safety services designed especially for construction work and people working within the construction or agricultural industries.


David Cant is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner extraordinaire. He has a wealth of Industry experience and is the MD of Veritas Consulting. David also Blogs about Health and Safety here Health and Safety Consultants

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  1. Raman
    December 5, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Such injuries are often heard. It is not due to low quality material but mainly due to poor selection of roofer. The roofer should be properly selected o avoid such mis-happenings. The Roofer in Manchester gives you solution of this problem.

  2. January 19, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    You never know when you might have a fall as a roofer, i try to be aware of danger at all times but its easy to be complacent.

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