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Death at Redcar – £320,000 Fine for Safety Failings
Posted by David Cant on February 7, 2013
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Tata Steel and a contractor have been fined £320,000 after a worker was killed in Redcar. The 29 year old contractor, Kristian Lee Norris, was working at Teesside Cast Products on behalf of Vesuvius UK Ltd. At the time of the fatal accident he was working to re-line a furnace where steel was made when a bar fell on his head. The bar was two foot long and was from a goods and passenger lift that was 10 meters above where Mr Norris was working.

Safety Failings Were Discovered in the Following Investigation

The Health and Safety Executive investigated and discovered some safety failings, which resulted in guilty pleas from Tata Steel and the contractor who employed Mr Norris. The investigation found that there weren’t suitable precautions put in place that would have controlled the risks of items, tools or materials falling. Both Tata Steel and Vesuvius were responsible for the lack of safety precautions, both parties were aware of the issues and yet they still allowed the work to continue.

Large Fines for the Death of Young Worker

The case was heard at Teesside Crown Court on January 29 2013. Vesuvius were fined £200,000 and must pay £24,020 in costs for breaching Regulation 10(1) of the Work at Height Regulations. Tata Steel was fined £120,000 and the same amount of court costs as Vesuvius for breaching the same Work at Height Regulation.

Working at Height is a High Risk Activity

Working at height is known to have multiple risks and adequate safety precautions and measures are always required with work of this type. Employers must ensure they perform the right assessments and produce ways of controlling the risks to keep employees and the public safe from the working activities. Precautions are required at all times, employees need to be suitably trained and provided with the right gear for the job. The only way to discover what precautions are required is to perform a risk assessment. From there you’ll have to put in safety measures and communicate with each employee to ensure they are aware of the hazards and how to help control the risks while working.

Health and Safety consultants can provide multiple health and safety services to help you when dealing with working at heights. One of the ways you can work to comply with the law is to provide adequate training to you and your managers and supervisors. There are many courses that will teach you about your legal duties and how to work safely by successfully managing health and safety within your organisation.

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  1. May 29, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    A great post, safety in the workplace is always important but even more so when you work in construction. Having the correct equipment and taking the time to check that it is functioning correctly is very important, you can’t put a price on saving someone’s life.

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